Suicide-Squad-trailer-03Saturday, September 17th 2016 – Release the fire

Movies are usually the expression of human feelings and thoughts, in a very deep and open way. Every time the story includes a group, the various characters all have different aspects that reflect the society and its differences. I always find interesting  to look at the various characters and try to identify myself to one of them in any way. It actually makes you realise a lot about yourself and how you connect and interact with other human beings.
Suicide Squad. While everyone can’t get his eyes out of the ‘main’ characters, one remains in the shadows for most of the movie, doesn’t talk much and yet plays a central role at the end.
When the story focuses on El Diablo for a little while, you understand that this guy is afraid of releasing is full potential by fear to hurt people around him, take bad decisions and have a negative impact. I reckon this feeling is very familiar too me. For many years, I swallowed frustration to stick to the idea of being the one that family and friends expected me to be. That guilt never lets you a peace, and yet you’re not having as much self-accomplishment and experience out of life as you want to. That’s only when I decided to try for the best, for the most important and for the most risky option that I actually gained in satisfaction, pride and self-awareness.
This decision could have been turning into a nightmare, and reaching my full-potential despite various different risks that were to be envisaged, has actually delivered to me more benefit that I could have been waiting for. Try and allow your inner you to be what it could be is a very dangerous decision, as there is nothing anymore keeping you on your toes and you just release everything and open yourself as much as you can to let it go and hope for the best. Ireland is a great place to do that, as the overall mentality remains the self-enjoyment and the well-being as primarily looked at.
El Diablo might be the quiet guy in the corner, not talking much and not overdoing but whenever he does release his full power, then he’s unstoppable.
Who needs a lighter?